Sri Yantra Orgonite Necklace Epoxy Stone Gravel Pendant Seven Chakra Energy Yoga Necklace

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Orgone Energy -
Orgonite was inspired by the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist who studied bio-energy in the 20th century. He found that energy (which he termed orgone energy) behaved differently depending on whether it was interacting with organic, carbon-based materials, or inorganic metals. Orgonite works by drawing in energy through its matrix which is made with resin and metals, the organic and inorganic materials. Inside every orgonite is crystal quartz. The crystal returns the energy to a natural, balanced and healthy state.


Mystical power of Sri Yantra Sacred Geometry Gemstone and Orgonite Quartz Crystals. Made of Orgonite and Quartz Crystals with powerful healing properties.

🕉️ Improvement of physical health

🕉️ Peaceful Sleep

🕉️ Protection From Electromagnetic Radiation

🕉️ A Harmonious Field of Energy for the Home or Office

🕉️ Sync’s all objects back to its own Natural Vibration.

🕉️ Enhances Psychic Abilities and desire for Spiritual Growth

🕉️ Boosts Plant Growth.

🕉️ Keeps food fresh longer.

🕉️ Provides an overall Happier Mood

🕉️ Each Orgone device contains the power to Transmute Harmful Electromagnetic Fields of Energy



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