Tourmaline rough

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Material: natural crystal / semi-precious stone and semi-precious stone
Category: Citrine

Color Classification:
A: 15 ore specimen box 2
B: One amethyst bare stone (2.5-3cm)
C: One piece of green crystal (3-4cm)
D: One plum tourmaline (3-4cm)
E: Citrine (2.5-3cm)
F: One piece of white crystal (2.5-3cm)
G: Colorful mine (3-4cm)
H: One amethyst cluster (2-3cm)
I: One piece of green fluorite (2.5-3cm)
J: One piece of black tourmaline (2.5-3cm)
K: One calcite (2.5-3cm)
L: Pink crystal piece (2.5-3cm)
M: One red and green treasure (3-4cm)
N: One piece of red crystal (2.5-3cm)
O: Brazilian yellow (2.5-3cm)
P: Apatite (2.5-3cm)
Q: Celestine (2.5-3cm)
Picture shapes are for reference only

All are natural crystals. The size of the 10-box specimen box is 3cm (suitable for 2.5-2.8cm stones, the size is good-looking), and the size of the 15-box specimen box is 3.2cm (suitable for 2.8-3cm stones, the size is good-looking)

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